Image of 5" Vestacha International Candle $40.00

5" Vestacha International Candle $40.00

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Our New line of candles have been inspired by the various herbs, resins,flowers and roots that have been used for centuries by different cultures around the world to bless,cleanse and bring peace and serenity to their environments.Ou candles use our proprietary blend of 100% certified organic wax, textile grade organic all cotton wicks from Milan ad hand blown glass vessels. All of our Essential and Perfume Oils are OSHA approved and environmentally sound. Our packaging and labels are made of 100% recycled paper in an effort to sustain a holistic lifestyle. Each candle is hand stamped and Unique. Our 5" candles last at least three times longer than most at a burn time of 120 hrs. Our 5" candles are available In all of our scents listed below. We Hope you enjoy this Art Of Illumination as much as we have making it for you.
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